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With parking lot monotoring from Site-Security, you are guaranteed a modern surveillance solutions as you know it from other suppliers. The difference to Site-Security is our mobility which means that our car parks security system can be moved to car parks where the need is greatest.

Parking lot security stop wheel bolt releaseers and other vandalism

With proven parking lot security Site-Security know how to stop wheel bolt looseners and other vandalism from your car parks. Our Car parks security is connected with a live link to our manned Security Centre. Our guards monotoring your parking lot and call a guard to the area if necessary.

Car parks security against life-threatening pranks

Avoid your customers, guests and employees not being greeted by an ugly surprise when they start their car and drive away with loose wheel bolts. With SITE-SECURITY you get a sparking lot security solution that works, and we report incidents directly to you daily. ​ Our guards monitor the parking lot and assess what action should be taken in the situation. They first talk directly to the perpetrator through loudspeakers and ask them to leave the car aprk. In most cases, direct communication and sirens are enough for people to leave the area. You therefore often save money for a guard call.

If the persons continue to remain in the area, we will call a guard immediately.



360 degree overview

All our CCTV towers is equipped with 3 Full HD camera. That give the mast a full 360 degree overview. The great overview is essential for effective parking lot monitoring.


Security system

Then our car park security system detect unwanted activity at your parking lot, the security system alerts our manned security centre. Now our guards take action and control the towers functions.


Moveable parking lot security

All our towers for car park security are extremely moveable. You can setup the mast yourself and move it around as you like. The only thing you need is a lift.


No power connection needed

Our model named “VIKING SOLAR” is a great choice for car parks security in parking lots with no access to power. The model runs at solar energy and a fuel cell.



Case from LEGOLAND

LEGOLAND stops wheel bolt releaseers with SITE-SECURITY

At LEGOLAND, they have been happy with the mobile car park security solution in the parking lot that can be pillaged down when the season ends. The fully connected system means that they has avoided patrol rounds of the area. In addition, the park has saved the investment in a permanent system, as this mobile parking lot monitoring can be rented while the season is in progress.

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